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Monday, October 25, 2004

Americans are shocked that the British would try to influence our election. This in a year when the US government has fought hard in elections in Venezuela, El Salvador, Afghanistan, etc. There is a difference. It really doesn't matter for most Americans who is president of El Salvador. On the other hand, who is president of the US is a seriuos question for Brits.

Sunday, October 24, 2004

Remeber when, responding to Moveon, the New York Times Week in Review claimed that Bush might mislead, but couldn't really be called a liar? Now they are taking seriously Tucker Carlson's attack on Jon Stewart, as if that was the story of Stewart's CNN appearance.

Obviously, the editors were not happy with Alessandra Stanley's praise for Stewart.

It reminds me of something I once saw on Fox News. After Bush's awful press conference (the one where he couldn't think of a mistake he's made), they framed the story in this way: both the president's performance and that of the press have come up for criticism (they then flashed to a montage of the press asking supposedly 'attack' questions).

So Jon Stewart thinks Crossfire sucks, but Tucker Carlson thinks the Daily Show sucks. Yeah, that was the story... right...

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